About Our Company

HIENERGY GLOBAL will take lead in the eco-friendly energy market to be opened by intensively nurturing renewable energy related business as future industry.

The future of HIENERGY GLOBAL can be said to be the green revolution to make contribution to the low carbon green growth and the sustainable development of humans through the achievement of zero energy along with various kinds of eco-friendly energy creation.

vertical axis wind turbine of HIENERGY GLOBAL has been highly recognize in high energy efficiency and stability and based on this we will expand business area into solar power system from medium and large sized wind power generation as well as small wind power generation like “Blower’ (Exhaust duct for ventilation) by utilizing the wind from ventilation system for hybrid street light or urban environment. In addition, we will not focus on the declaration but make every effort to make gray districts ‘Green Future’ while evaluating the possibility with proven data and sharing achievement not alone.

We would like to appreciate you for the consistent trust and encouragement for the new challenge and transformation of HIENERGY GLOBAL and look forward to your interest and affection in our company.

Thank you.

Woo Duck Lee   CEO/President

Our Vision

Value Management

We will become a company thinking and developing for our customers.

Responsibility Management

We will become a company thinking about taking responsibility for the company.

Open Management

We will make every effort to become a company recognized and loved by customers.

CI Introduction

Our CI contains the creation of green renewable energy and its unlimited value through the circulation of circle.

Our CI shows the passion and willingness to challenge newly and become the best company in renewable energy business which becomes the best global issue. It means the creation of green renewable energy and unlimited circulation from the nature with the combination of various colors surrounding the circle. It symbolizes a new appearance as the comprehensive company to take lead in various groups of business diversified by holding company surrounding renewable energy business.