Advantage of Cool Chemistry

Specially designed paint reduce the heat absorption of the painwork

  • Expected saving in cooling costs by reducing heat transfer through walls and roofs
  • Minimizes deformation by reducing thermal expansion of products
  • Improved durability against existing products


How does Cool Chemistry work?

What is the infrared a solar ray?

  • The following graph shows the intensity of light in the sun’s rays


Total Solar Reflectance (TSR)

Reflectance curves of the light and dark colors over the full light spectrum

  • White is “cooler”than black
  • In he case of dark colors, what would you do to reflect the heat?

Laboratory Test

Test Methods

What colors are available in cool chemistry?

Cool chemistry has a large effect in the dark colors of carbon black

  • D1010 Cool Chemistry is available for mass production
  • Infrared reflective performance
  • The darker the color, the greater the effect
  • D1010 MSDS and TDS for Cool Chemistry